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Company & Vision

How many companies can say that they help make the world a safer place?
How many people can say that the work they do really matters?

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Here’s your chance.

Forensic Technology believes that technology is critical to winning the war on crime and we are committed to researching and developing new crime-fighting solutions. We pride ourselves on the fact that our award-winning technological innovations have aided public safety agencies in solving thousands of crimes worldwide.

Almost 20 years ago, Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification. Today, we continue to be a leader in ballistics and firearms identification technology. Partnered with hundreds of public safety and law agencies across the globe, we have vast experience in developing solutions to combat firearm crime.

At Forensic Technology we take great pride in what we do. Quality is vital to the successful application of our technology and our customers' ability to use our solutions to combat crime. Superior quality, unparalleled support services, and a passion for problem solving, make Forensic Technology the solutions provider of choice for many law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world.   

So why not become a part of a global success story with an award-winning company?

Why not join an energetic, dynamic workforce of professionals with offices in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia?

Why not make society a safer place doing work that matters?