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The UCM Universal Comparison Microscope is a high sophisticated optical system for forensic investigations with a unique variety of accessories.

The UCM is easy to operate, compact and boasts a solid design, ergonomic and user-friendly controls.


For comparative investigations of traces on fired ammunition, toolmarks, documents, etc. The ability to see, inspect and correct images directly on the monitor and to print them immediately, provides user benefits in terms of economics and versatility.


  • magnification range 1x - 135x
  • field of view 150 mm - 1.67 mm, minimal working distance 100 mm
  • Remote Control via PIA-7000 Software
  • Motorized magnification changer, objective changer and motorized optical operating modes
  • LCD display
  • >Compact and ergonomic basic system in modern design
  • motorized Z drive for height adjustment of 80 mm
  • travel of coarse/fine drive for individual height adjustment: 50 mm
  • mechanical drive of left and right object holder: 60 mm
  • optical unit for superimposed and split-image comparison,
  • adjustable functions: full image left; full image right; split-image vertical with laterally adjustable dividing line; superimposed
    image comparison
  • optical module for simultaneous binocular and video/photo observation
  • inclined binocular tube including eyepieces 10x/20 for spectacle
  • distance between optical axis 460 mm