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Client Testimonials

A collection of feedback from satisfied customers.

Niel Van Niekerk, Senior Superintendent of the South African Police Service
"IBIS has the potential to become the greatest asset in the fight against firearm crime in any country.’"

Tammy Franks, Santa Ana Police Commander
"With new ballistics tests, they were able to use a 3-D image instead of the flat image we had previously to make a conclusive link...’"

Tom Manger, Montgomery County Police Chief
"Identifying and tracking firearms used in crimes of violence in Montgomery County is critical to the safety of our community members. This new capability is going to result in more gun crimes being solved. Our ability to link cases involving firearms has never been stronger.’"

Victor Uvalle, Orlando Police Department
"This is huge. I mean this is incredible. Anytime you can get a crime gun into the lab and get a turnaround time of two hours, that awesome because we already have a lead or a hit on our second homicide of the year. We will be able to contact another agency and say ‘how was this gun used in your agency’ (and) ‘do you have any suspects.’"

Mr. S.G. Khandelwal, Deputy Director , FSL Gujarat, India
“The deployment of the IBIS system in India helped law enforcement agencies link several unsolved and open cases in the state of Gujarat. With the IBIS TRAX-3D technology, even crimes involving [underground] machine-shopped firearms could be linked to open cases. The biggest advantage we got from IBIS [thus far] was the linking of a seized, unlicensed firearm to a homicide committed two years back. Because of this (link) the accused received a life term (under Sec 302 IPC) instead of a 5-year sentence. ”

SP Patriwala, Scientific Officer at the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) in Gujarat, India
"When all the data was fed into IBIS, the signature marks present on the exhibits showed that the same pistol was used in two murder cases reported earlier. The [IBIS TRAX-3D] system is the only one of its kind in the entire country and provides very important 3D views of the cartridges and the bullets... In fact, this is the first such case where the recovery of a pistol at one place has helped solve cases registered at another place.”

John Clark, Supervisor Firearm & Tool Mark Section, Monroe County Department of Public Safety, Forensic Laboratory,
"Forensic Technology’s FastTRAX service is an economical way to get test fired cartridge cases and evidence processed through the NIBIN database so that more crimes can be linked. Our agency didn't have the funding to add additional personnel but we did have enough to send some of our test fires to Forensic Technology for FastTRAX services. FastTRAX quickly generated more hits for us. FastTRAX also helped us become more efficient by allowing us to concentrate our resources on urgent cases. Other cases are sent to Forensic Technology for NIBIN entry and correlation review. This allows our examiners the ability to work on the more urgent cases while at the same time FastTRAX is working to generate more hits for us from the cases we send to Forensic Technology.”

Ms. Sueli Selma De Santana Lima, Perita Criminal Coordenadora III - Administradora do IBIS - VI Seminario Nacional Balistica Forense, Goiania, Brazil
"When we first started using IBIS BULLETTRAX-3D we only used the 2D images for comparison, because that was what we were use to. As we became familiar with the 3D images we quickly migrated to using the 3D images. Now we use the 3D images because it provides us with so much more detail and resolution for our comparisons"

Ms. Margareth Moreira Tristão, Perita Criminal - Examinadora do IBIS - VI Seminario Nacional Balistica Forense, Goiania, Brazil
"I use all of the tools provided with IBIS BulletTRAX-3D, including the “profilometer” and CMS, they allow me to perform a more complete comparison."

Captain Pat Maney - Commander, Criminal Investigations Division - West Palm Beach Police Department - West Palm Beach, Fl
“Prior to the installation of BRASSTRAX at our Department, all shell casing entries had to be made at the local Sheriff’s office. This process not only limited our ability to make entries, but created significant lag time between evidence recovery and entry into the NIBIN system. With the installation of BRASSTRAX we now have the ability to enter casings within hours of recovery or immediately after test firing. The end result; we have tripled the number of casing hits resulting in investigative leads over the same time frame in 2007! BRASSTRAX is an integral part of linking violent, firearm-related crime in Palm Beach County.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul James, Programme Manager, National Ballistics Intelligence Service, UK
"It is absolutely vital that the National Ballistics Intelligence Service uses technology that is accurate, reliable and cutting edge. The technology has provided us with a capability that is complementary to our system of providing fast time intelligence utilising a distributed network of sites feeding into a centralised database"

Carl M. Rone Delaware State Police
“The BRASSTRAX system has been invaluable to us. The quality of the images is outstanding and allows for a better evaluation of the evidence on the screen when viewing."

S.S. Baisoya, Chief Ballistics, Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Chandigarh, India
“There was a case given to us by the Tripura Police in which police were killed in a few ambushes by extremist elements. We received close to 214 cartridge cases to analyze in one such incident. IBIS Heritage technology helped us establish the number of firearms used and their countries of origins. An analysis of this nature by conventional methods would have taken several months and IBIS could do this for us in a few days. We are eagerly looking forward to deploy the new IBIS TRAX-3D technology in our lab and we look forward to more success.”

Scientific Officer Elton Potgieter, Forensic Ballistic Investigation Section, New South Wales Police Force, Australia
“We at the New South Wales Police Force, Australia have been utilizing the “IBIS product” since 2000. Ever since commencing with IBIS we have had great success in the battle against firearm related crime in the State of New South Wales. None of these successes would have been possible without all the exemplary support, assistance and regular communications from FTI and especially the Sales Director Miss Stacy Stern. The onsite visits have been of great value to us for we can put a face to the name and have that ‘family feeling’ in a highly professional and successive Company. We are looking forward to many more years of working together.”