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IBIN helps countries share ballistics data across borders

INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network:Police Link Crimes, Guns & Suspects Across National Borders

Interpol and Forensic Technology partnership helps police continue investigations over borders and across the world. A violent transnational gang, operating between Spain and Portugal, has been stopped thanks to diligent police work, rigorous cross border protocols, and an innovative new-technology-based program called the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN).
(December 2012)

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White Paper on Transnational Gun Crimes and Ballistics Intelligence Sharing

White Paper:Transnational Organized Crime and Gun Violence: A Case for Ballistic Intelligence Sharing

A threat to the safety of citizens in any country, the criminal misuse of firearms present a wider danger to a nation’s security, peace, stability and development.
This white paper describes how transnational organized crime and gun violence are interrelated, and makes the case for the international sharing of firearms forensic intelligence as an integral component of the fight against cross-border crimes. (November 2010)
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IBIN handbook download

IBIN Handbook (2nd Edition)

With over 130,000 exhibits from multiple countries, the Interpol Ballistic Information Network's (IBIN) ever-growing database contains a vast resource of bullet and cartridge case information. The IBIN Handbook is designed to provide guidelines to both member and non-member agencies to ensure that critical information can be shared across international borders in as optimal a manner as possible. (March 2012)

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Virtual comparison Microscope helps firearms examiners find agreement on difficult bullets

The IBIS Comparison Microscope

Forensic Technology's IBIS Comparison Microscope (ICM) is a new tool that can assist firearm examiners in finding hard-to-locate areas of agreement that might be elusive under the traditional comparison microscope. By using the surface and shape data acquired by BULLETTRAX-3D, the ICM can give examiners never-before-seen views and options when comparing bullets — especially polygonal-rifled. (May 2010)

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Learn about the full suite of IBIS TRAX-3D products. The latest in ballistic imaging and identification

A Superior Solution: IBIS TRAX-3D

Forensic Technology's latest generation of IBIS ballistics identification and comparison solutions are quickly yet thoroughly described in IBIS TRAX-3D: A Superior Solution.

Learn about our cartridge case acquisition station BRASSTRAX-3D, the bullet acquisition station BULLETTRAX-3D, and MATCHPOINT+, the comparison and analysis workstation.

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 Illegal wildlife poaching and firearm forensics

The International Trade in Endangered Species and the Firearm Nexus

The international trade in endangered species involves crimes which are inherently transnational in scope. Armed criminals on the move leave firearms and related evidence strewn across multiple jurisdictions spanning city, provincial, and national boundaries. This movement can greatly hamper police efforts in solving transnational crimes like the trade in endangered species. Therefore, an intelligence-led policing effort is required.

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 RMP research paper discusses success of IBIS TRAX-3D in Malaysia

The RMP Ballistics Paper

The Royal Malaysian Police recently released a paper describing their experiences with IBIS TRAX-3D and how it has helped them link more crimes, firearms, and suspects.

Download the RMP Ballistics Paper here.

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