IBIS TRAX-3D the leader in ballistics imaging and identification

IBIS Heritage:
Where automated ballistics identification began

The IBIS® Heritage™ Systems product line denotes a family of technology that uses the BulletProof™ and BrassCatcher™ software and introduced the world to automated ballistics technology. The IBIS Heritage line paved the way for the new generation IBIS® TRAX-3D™ product family and remains in good service around the world today.

IBIS HUBIBIS Heritage products are compatible with the IBIS TRAX-3D product line. (Certain restrictions may apply)

The IBIS Heritage product line consists of the world-renowned IBIS Hub, the LDAS (Local Data Acquisition Station), RDAS (Remote Data Acquisition Station), and the original MatchPoint™, the first IBIS desktop ballistic bullet and cartridge case analysis unit.


Forensic Technology is ISO certified