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Document Examination and Verification Systems

Projectina state-of-the-art document examination systems

Recently acquired by Forensic Technology, Projectina is a leader in the development and manufacture of forensic science products. Projectina specializes in the design, production and support of document examination systems. Built for every stage of examination and verification, learn which system suits your needs best.

Download the Projectina Document Examination Systems brochure (PDF).

    Most advanced Documentation Examination System

Docucenter NIRVIS

The new Docucenter NIRVIS with its excellent optics, high resolution digital camera, fully controlled working sequences and functions permit investigations in short UV and in the IR and IR luminescence range.

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      Projectina Docubox Digital

Docubox HD

The Docubox HD offers a streamlined concept that allows for the rapid, comprehensive and systematic examination of documents.

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      Inspec 5 extrahiert Kopie

Inspec 5

The compact multifunctional Inspec 5 desktop station with LED illumination for visual examination of banknotes, travel and identity documents.

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Projectina Inspec-8

Inspec 8

The compact multifunctional desktop station for document verification with 9 integrated illumination systems and with Full HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 and image capture function on an SD Card.

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Docustat DS-200

Docustat DS-220

The Docustat DS-220 system can be used for small and large sheets.

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PAGScan document reader

PAGScan Document Reader

The PAGScan document reader was designed to quickly and accurately read a wide range of documents.

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Projectina's DMM-200 is a state-of-the-art digital microscope


The Micro Macro microscope DMM-2000 with digital technique is the ideal instrument for examinations in Forensic Sciences, e.g. fibres, ballistics (angle determination of land and grove), etc.

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