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COMAC Comparison Microscope for Forensic Comparison Investigations.


The simple design in conjunction with high optical and mechanical quality makes the COMAC to a new standard in investigation of evidence, such as comparison investigation of documents, tool marks, cartridges and bullets, banknotes and coins, Illegally produced pills (Ecstasy, PMA, synthetic amphetamines) etc. The modular concept allows easy adaptation of special object holders, illumination systems and documentation units.

COMAC Features

  • comparison bridge with height adjustment
  • coaxial coarse/fine drive for height adjustment of the X/Y stages,
    travel 50 mm
  • mechanical object adjustment, travel 60 mm
  • controls for operation of coarse/fine adjustment on both sides
  • controls to adjust overlap images and split image comparison
  • full field-of-view for right or left image
  • objective changer for macro optics
  • built-in macro objectives, working distance 130 mm
  • up-right image
  • zoom objective for magnification area 2,5x - 72x with fixed
    working distance
  • field of view 85 mm - 2.2 mm