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The fastest, most accurate way to acquire cartridge case evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions about IBIS TRAX-HD3D

The BRASSTRAX acquisition station is specialized for the entry of cartridge case information onto an IBIS network.

BRASSTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topographic information of significant regions of interest. For centerfire cartridge cases, this includes the breech face and firing pin impressions on the primer, and the ejector mark. For rimfire cartridge cases, this includes the firing pin impression. A detailed image of the complete head is also captured for reference.

The majority of the acquisition process is fully automated, so that minimal user input reduces operator variability. The automation of image focus, image lighting, and region of interest outlining ensures consistent image quality for visualization and uniformity for optimal comparison performance.

Images from IBIS TRAX-HD3D | BRASSTRAX. Click images to enlarge.

BRASSTRAX Other features:

  • Automated flowback and washout detection
  • Automated self-test and adjustment
  • Hands-off operation allows multitasking
  • Multiple magnification levels
  • Full range of calibers: .17 to .50 and from .410 bore to 10-gauge for shot shells
  • Detailed online help and user guides
  • Multiple light sources, including a patented ring lightISO Certification for Forensic Technology