Projectina is a world leader in comparison microscopes, document examination systems and laser optics engineering

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Forensic Technology and Projectina AG:
Giving you All the Tools to Solve More Crime

Forensic Technology created the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) in 1991. This groundbreaking technology is able to find the “needle in the haystack”, suggesting possible matches between pairs of spent bullets and cartridge cases, at speeds well beyond human capacity. Thus, IBIS provides forensic experts and detectives more timely information about crimes, guns, and suspects.

In 2011, Forensic Technology acquired Projectina Ltd. Projectina is a world leader in the development and manufacture of forensic science products and specializes in the design, production and support of comparison microscopes and document examination systems for use in forensic investigations.

Together, both companies are able to provide law enforcement agencies all over the world all the pieces they need to solve more crime.

 Ballistics identification with IBIS TRAX-3D

Ballistics Identification

IBIS TRAX | HD3D is the latest generation of IBIS technology which incorporates all of the benefits of IBIS and raises them to an entirely new dimension of crime solving value trough increased automation, 3D imaging and analysis that captures more crucial data for better correlation accuracy.

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 Document Examination Systems

Document Examination

Advanced systems for the forensic examination of documents, whether they be passports, currency, or questioned documents. Projectina offers a wide range of viewing and analysis systems that cater to both small agencies all the way to large facilities.

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 Comparison Microscopes

Comparison Microscopes

Projection microscopes for use in forensic laboratories, specifically to compare evidence whether it be ballistics, firearms or toolmarks.

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 Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

Systems designed for forensic science laboratories to help investigators and technicians secure and evidence and aid them in the criminal identification and scene-of-crime investigations.

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 Expert OEM Engineering of Laser Optics

OEM Engineering

Engineering and OEM-manufacturing of opto-electronic components, subsystems and complete instruments. These include laser collimators, laser mirrors, laser protective glasses and focusing mechanics for the laser industry.

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