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Frequently Asked Questions about IBIS TRAX-HD3D

Forensic Technology offers the world’s most advanced ballistic identification solution, IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System), which enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of imaging sites, as well as the automated identification of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases.

Our success began with what we now refer to as our IBIS® Heritage™ Systems. The IBIS Heritage product family was derived from the creation and later merging of the BulletProof™ and BrassCatcher™ software and hardware to create the world-renowned IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Identification System) Hub.

Pushing the envelope further, we developed IBIS® BULLETTRAX-3D™, a state-of-the-art 3D bullet imaging station and IBIS® MATCHPOINT+™,a comparative analysis station for examining 2D and 3D images.

IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is the latest generation of IBIS technology and includes exceptional 3D imaging, advanced comparison algorithms, and a robust infrastructure. It has been designed to meet the needs of police and military organizations that gain actionable information from firearms and their fired ammunition components. This technology contributes to the investigation process by helping experts to see more, link more, and solve more firearm-related crimes.

describe the imageThe IBIS TRAX-HD3D suite of products comprises the following components:

  • BRASSTRAX captures high-resolution and topographic information fired cartridge cases at the micrometer level. Its cutting-edge 3D sensor technology provides
    optimal performance for the specific characteristics of cartridge case markings.
  • BULLETTRAX captures high-resolution images and topographic information
    from fired bullets at the nanometer level. Its cutting-edge 3D sensor technology
    provides optimal performance for the specific characteristics of bullet markings.
  • The Data Concentrator provides centralized storage for the data collected from multiple BRASSTRAX and BULLETTRAX acquisition stations.
  • The IBIS® Correlation Server uses highly specialized algorithms to compare the image signatures of an exhibit against all other relevant exhibits in a specified IBIS network.
  • MATCHPOINT provides comparison viewers and analysis tools designed for the rapid elimination of non-matching candidates, as well as for the in-depth analysis of markings from potentially matching cartridge cases or bullets.